Isaiah 40
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Well I thought I'd never get a vanity call sign but one day I decided I would honor the one person that was responsible for my dad's involvement in amateur radio. K4ZXN was the call of my father's 10th grade science teacher in Hope Mills, NC. My call sign change was done as a tribute to Jesse Rhue, the man responsible for my dad, my mom and eventually myself becoming an amateur operator. Even though I never met the man, I feel as if I knew him through the stories my dad has told me.

Occupation: Register of Deeds Deputy / I.T. Tech

Hobbies: of course Ham Radio, Photography, collecting postcards from the 1900-1950's, poetry, songwriting. 

I love to hang out with Michael, AJ4QJ, my wonderful Husband!!

Michael, AJ4QJ and Susan, K4ZXN   AJ4QJ and K4ZXn 
    K4ZXN and AJ4QJ         K4ZXN and AJ4QJ       Foxhunt in April 2009    Foxhunt in April 2009

My favorite music includes Country and Christian.

I love traveling to photograph old buildings and cityscapes along with lighthouses.

In October 2008, I was appointed DEC of NC ARES Area 13, my dad KM4C is now DEC; I currently serve as the Emergency Coordinator of Cleveland County ARES; I am very active in both the ARES group and the Shelby Amateur Radio Club. This club is the host of the Shelby hamfest held every year on labor day weekend in in Shelby, NC.

I am a member of Shelby Amateur Radio Club, ARES of Cleveland County, Gaston County Amateur Radio Society and Gastonia Area Amateur Radio Club.

I am also the member of an all-woman foxhunting team which consists of WA4JNJ, K4JPH and KF4TLL (SK) and K4ZXN.

To Visit the Shelby Hamfest / Shelby Amateur Radio Club's Website go to or Click Here


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